What is Pilates?

Pilates is a mind-body conditioning exercise program, providing a complete body work out while building core strength, improving posture, mobility, muscle tone and flexibility.  The focus on good postural alignment and breathing control improves balance and co-ordination.  In addition, pilates also improves body awareness and aids in relieving stress and tension.

The Pilates method of exercise was originally devised by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. He developed the Pilates Method of Contrology and used these exercises and fitness routines to help dancers recover from injuries. 

At Physiotherapy and Pilates, Wendy, the instructor, has been trained in Modified Pilates.  This method of teaching pilates, developed by the APPI, utilises traditional pilates exercises, but the exercises have been modified to be safer and more clinically effective in the treatment and prevention of low back pain, based on the most up-to-date clinical evidence available.  This method of teaching pilates, with its emphasis on retraining deep abdominal and spinal muscles along with the muscles of the pelvic floor, is ideal for physiotherapists, providing a clinical and user friendly tool for rehabilitation of people following an episode of low back pain.


Feedback from clients:

"Wendy is an excellent instructor. She recognises the different abilities of the group, giving positive praise which encourages everyone to try hard. The class look forward to the exercises and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Pilates is a first class form of exercise improving muscle tone and flexibility, the latter enhanced by Wendy’s expertise and encouragement. - FM"

 "Since I started Pilates with Wendy both my tennis and golf games have improved. I have greater range and flexibility. After a long tennis match, when I used to get out of bed the next morning I could hardly move and was very stiff now I have no issues. I highly recommend Wendy and Pilates to everyone."                   SB (Gentleman)



Following on from the very successful blended in-person/Zoom classes since June, I am planning to run THREE classes a week:

Tuesdays @ 9.30am

Wednesdays @ 7.00pm

Thursdays @ 6.30pm

If you are not able to join any of the live streaming classes, please contact me to get a link to the recording of each class and I will send you the link with a passcode to access it.  The recordings will be available for 24 hours after each class.

Please email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure a place.

Current guidelines still advise social distancing so in-person class numbers are still limited to 6 per class.

Also please note that I am no longer running classes in the Darnick Village Hall on Fridays.


Class timetable - N/A now due to the pandemic

 Tues  9.30am -   Advanced Level                  

Tues  10.45am -  Intermediate Level class - BOOK-A-PLACE CLASS

Wed  12.15pm -  Advanced Level – BOOK-A-PLACE CLASS

Wed 7.15pm - Men's Class - Advanced Level

(Thurs 12.30pm - Advanced Level  NOTE: THIS CLASS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Thurs  6pm -  Intermediate Level class - BOOK-A-PLACE CLASS

Thurs 7.15pm -  Advanced Level –  BOOK-A-PLACE CLASS

Fri 9.30am -  Advanced Level (Darnick) - NEW BOOK-A-PLACE CLASS

(Fri 10.45am -  Advanced Level (Darnick)  NOTE: THIS CLASS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE)


All classes are held at the Border Physio Clinic 

BOOK-A-PLACE CLASSES need to be booked by texting my mobile number (07747432418) from 8am on the Monday prior to the classes each week





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